From a Place Deeper Than Memory...


In Heartscapes, you will find over one hundred and fifty voices telling true stories of past loves. These poignant rememberings, whether of long-ago loves or more recent sweethearts, reflect the power and mystery of lasting connections. Some convey the special magic of a first love, one tells of a single, life-changing evening, and many reveal the essence of an intimacy that grew over a span of years. These memories of lost loves come to us from women and men of all ages and from a variety of cultures, casting light on a human experience that—if we are fortunate—we all share.

Each of these stories is a gift from the writer’s heart to yours, a reminder that every love is a love forever remembered and that our personal "heartscapes" are etched into our being, in a place deeper than memory. The stories are rich in what they invite us to see—and feel—calling to mind our own special loves. Such memories may now be obscured by the mists of everyday life. But given an opening, they return, with all of the fragrance, warmth, and poetry of love’s embrace.

Good news! Heartscapes: True Stories of Remembered Love is now also available as an ebook. It can be purchased either through Amazon.com or through Smashwords.com.